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We're a team of professional and passionate photographers & Video graphers. We would love to create some fantastic images and film for you and deliver a first-class service. For us, being photographers & Videographers is about capturing the people and events in your life that are important to you.
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What clients say about me
Marissa Mccoy

You guys are amazing, thank you so much for your incredibly high quality photography service for the most important day of our lives.

Marissa Mccoy

Wedding Client
Jay Benson

Ozphotographer Studio, their wedding photographers were incredible!The level of communication and professionalism was 10/10 !

Jay Benson

Wedding Client
Ann	Nguyuen

Great Photo & Video, Best Wedding photographer in Sydney,  well-done team!

Ann Nguyuen

Wedding Client


The Photographic Gear I Use
To ensure that I am able to supply the highest quality and reliability all my equipment is a professional grade. I always have spare equipment with me at all times and have them regularly serviced.