Ever questioned why price of wedding photography is so dear?

Ever questioned why wedding photography is so dear, when they simply pay eight or twelve hours or whatever with you on your wedding day… Well, fortunately for you, we all know precisely why photographers charge more than you’ll expect as a client. particularly if you’ve never employed a professional photographer before in your life and this is your very 1st time doing so, for your wedding day! Here are a number of of the reasons why a photographer might quote you a higher amount than you expect:
“There may be a lot more to photography than the majority assume, it’s not as simple as turning up to a location, pressing a button & handing the images over. there’s a huge amount of behind the scenes hours that take place when a shoot is complete. ” – Macier three Photography
“I bring about $35,000 value of equipment that needs to maintained and replaced.
Just to hire the equipment needed for your day is close to what we charge for your photos. ” – Evoke Studios
“You need to consider, cameras & equipment being kept up to date, buying USB’s, hard drives & presentation materials for delivery.” – Photographer Tom
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“A wedding photographer incorporates a serious responsibility in capturing your photos as this is your special day” – Photographer Ashely
Photographers spend plenty of time and money on their education and ongoing training. There are all styles of workshops, courses and conferences out there that many invest in to ensure they’re up to date in their skills, knowledge and photography trends/advances. – Photographer Sam
“As a photographer, i need to produce a product that you just are proud to share with family and friends. This takes years of training and practice as all as many hours spent in post production so this is mirrored within the value. ” – Depression Photography
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Processing your pictures is by far the most time-consuming part of shooting your wedding. pictures are edited and any necessary effects are value-added. this is often the stage where marks or minor imperfections may be edited out, that may be a huge task.
“We spend on average forty- fifty hours on each wedding.” -Australian Wedding photography
“The majority of time is spent when the wedding – the tedious process of editing the photography and videos which takes more time weeks and months after the wedding has long passed.”  Photographer Tran
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Photographers generally have to travel to your wedding locations (usually 2-5 spots per wedding, depending on your plans). Think about it. The location of one person, the location of the other, the ceremony spot, the reception venue, then perhaps one or two other locations to shoot your portrait sessions.
Designing albums, choosing which images to print for you and putting together your online gallery takes time and skill, too.
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Although I’m sure you’re lovely, and meeting up with you is a joy, a photographer likes to be paid to attend meetings, just like everyone else.


Venue visits
Generally speaking, a photographer susses out a venue and looks around for some good spots for shots of you, your partner and your bridal party before the wedding day. Unless of course they’ve been there before and know all the best spots to go.

Generally, most wedding vendors spent a substantial amount on insurance in case their gear is damaged during your wedding day or in case anything else unexpected happens.


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