Choosing a wedding photographer can be a difficult task. You must make hundreds of wedding arrangements. One of the most important decisions you will make is who will bring your memories to life. When the flurry and excitement of your wedding day has subsided, it is beautifully captured images that allow you to relive the romance, emotion, and spirit of a fleeting event. So, how do you go about selecting the best wedding photographer for you?

What to Look For When Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Choosing a photographer is similar to selecting a mobile phone plan. Nobody provides the same service or inclusions, so comparing prices is nearly impossible. So, where do you begin to address this issue?

Use the step-by-step process below to help you find the best wedding photographer for your budget, level of service, and product delivery on your wedding day.

A wedding is an expensive event, and you will have to make sacrifices. Where you make a concession should be proportionate to how important the service or product is to you and your partner.


Questions to consider before visiting a photographer’s website:

– How important is photography on my wedding day to me?

Is this just a checkbox item on a list of things to book, or is it really important to me? (consider that it will be one of the very few things that will remain with you after the wedding). This is the most important question of all because it will ultimately determine whether you are willing to cut back on other expenses in order to get the wedding photographer of your dreams.

– What budget have I set aside for photography, is it realistic, and how flexible is it?

Sydney wedding photographers can charge anywhere from $300 to $20,000 (and sometimes more)! Professional wedding photographers typically charge $1500 or more for a basic package.

– Am I willing to pay more than I had planned for a photographer I really want?

This goes back to how important your wedding photos are in comparison to all of the other costs associated with your wedding day. Some people will spend more money on their DJ, while others will spend more money on an upgraded drinks package, and for some, their wedding photos will be the most important priority.

– How long do I want my wedding photographer to be present on the big day?

Is it all day, just up to the reception, or even a shorter period of time?

– Do my partner and I feel at ease having our photos taken?

If not, you should seriously consider an engagement shoot. If done early in your engagement, you may be able to use this as a trial to see if your photographer is a good fit in terms of personality and that the images they produce for you are what you expect, and then choose them to photograph your wedding.

– What kind of finished products do I want from my photographer after the wedding?

Do you even know what’s out there? Don’t worry, most people haven’t even considered what they want from their wedding photographer in terms of the final finished product. This is your chance to capture a lasting memory of your wedding day and should not be taken lightly. Aside from the digital images themselves, the most common types of finished products are wedding albums and wall art (canvas, framed prints, acrylics, and so on).

– Have I received a recommendation from someone I know and trust? Have I seen their wedding day photos, and do I like their wedding photography style?

If they say yes, add them to your list of photographers to interview.



Every photographer has their own distinct style. A photographer’s style includes how they capture the scene in front of them as well as the editing style they employ. It is preferable to find a photographer who creates the image style that you prefer rather than asking a photographer to finish their photos with a different editing style.

Spend some time deciding on a photographer whose style you like. What kind of shots do you want on your wedding day? Do you only want natural-looking photos? Maybe something a little more formal? To get a good mix of photos without spending all day smiling at a camera, I find that most brides want a combination of posed and candid shots.

Then you must consider how the photos are finished or edited after they have been captured.

Do you prefer photos with more light washed out colours (which are currently popular) or photos with more bold and vibrant colours? What about images in black and white or sepia tones? This is how a photographer completes your images. This is one of the most important aspects to consider when evaluating a photographer’s work. Each photographer has their own editing style that they will employ. If you don’t like their style, find another photographer who does, rather than asking a photographer to finish their photos in a different editing style.



You must be confident that the photographer will capture your entire day’s worth of memories in high quality photographs. If the photographer’s website does not include any wedding ceremony or reception images, you should enquire whether they can take great photos indoors (in low light) or with a flash. Be wary of any photographer who claims to only shoot in natural light; this is usually due to a lack of understanding of how to use flash properly.

Inquire about viewing all of the images from a single wedding, as well as a couple of wedding albums. This way, you’ll be able to see if the photographer can consistently produce good work throughout the wedding day.



Visit their bio page to learn more about them. Do they strike you as someone you’d like to spend time with? Is their website professional in appearance? Remember, they will be with you and your closest friends and family for the majority of your wedding day. Once you’ve narrowed down your list of wedding photographers, schedule a meeting with the top 2-3. How at ease did you feel in the presence of each photographer? You will quickly determine who you are most comfortable spending time with if you ask any questions.

Most brides and grooms want candid and natural wedding photos. When a photographer has a good relationship with the bridal couple, these moments are more likely to occur.

The wedding party and their families will be able to relax if they have a wedding photographer who is easygoing, organised, and professional. When this happens, we get images like the ones below.



On your wedding day, there are no second chances. You require someone who can get it right every time. Someone who has the necessary experience and can handle the stress of a wedding day. A professional wedding photographer will understand the sequence of events as well as the technical requirements to capture the images you desire. A professional can anticipate events and capture candid images as they happen.



Is the photographer I want within my price range? If not, will I be able to stretch my budget to hire them? Weddings are full of compromises; where you save or stretch your budget will depend on which items are most important to you.

How to choose a wedding photographer is a task that can be accomplished with the assistance provided. It is well worth the effort to find the right person to cover your wedding day because there are no second chances.




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